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Simplified was founded in 2020 to make the supply of skills easy. Today, the company functions as the hub between the social partners - employers, recruitment companies and employees. With Simplified's unique customer offering, the company and its partners have created several important jobs despite the current pandemic.

Behind Simplified are the founders Andreas Wilsson and Alexander Lundgren. After nine months of operation, Simplified has created over 30 new jobs and in 2021, several new collaborations will be presented. The company has also had time to open offices in Stockholm and Sundsvall, a third is expected to open in Umeå soon.

- We have in a short time proven that our model for competence supply works. Today, we are over 20 people on the payroll and our consultants have been given important assignments by some of Sweden's largest companies. As an active partner, we make sure to challenge our customers and help them reach new levels. With an office in Umeå, we want to continue to strengthen growth in Norrland, says Alexander Lundgren, sales manager and co-founder of Simplified.

Value for the entire labor market

Today, skills supply is a major challenge for the whole of Corporate Sweden. A report from the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth shows that companies that want to grow, are innovative and digitized have a harder time finding labor than other companies.

- Difficulties in the supply of skills do not only affect individual players in the market, it risks limiting the development of society as a whole. In recent years, market demand has increased sharply. Several recruitment companies have been added, but the challenge remains, for some industries it will be greater. We want to create value for the entire labor market - recruiters, employers and employees, says Andreas Wilsson, founder and CEO of Simplified.

A partner for the entire labor market

Simplified has extensive experience from the recruitment industry. In its role as a strategic competence partner, the company wants to offer employers the market's broadest recruitment network.

- It is easier to be an employer when there is a lot of skills available. With Simplified, companies get a partner for the entire recruitment strategy and, in the long run, more time for the core business. We give employers access to the entire market at the same time as recruitment companies and independent specialists get new exciting business opportunities, which in turn increases the possibility that both employers and employees meet, concludes Andreas Wilsson, founder and CEO of Simplified.

For more information, please contact Andreas Wilsson, +46 73 - 840 14 12.

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