Three Common Recruitment Challenges – How Simplified Solves Them For You

Recruitment challenges

In the labor market, the competition for the top candidates increases more every year. This puts even more pressure on employers and recruiting managers to keep track of their recruitment strategy. It is often easier said than done. In this article, we go through three common challenges in the search for the next employee.

The administration takes unnecessary resources

Regardless of whether you choose to manage the recruitment on your own or via a recruitment company, it will be an intensive period that steals both time and resources from the core business. Ad production, meetings, interviews and work tests are rarely done in the blink of an eye. If it is also specialist competence that is sought, you can count on the recruitment to take even longer.

At Simplified, we take a comprehensive approach to your skills supply. This means that we handle all contact with the recruitment companies and are responsible for ensuring that you only meet the very last selection of candidates. We will be the only contact you need to be able to take part in the entire labor market. One supplier, one contact person, one invoicing route and one call for the entire competence supply.

“We are doing as we have always done!”

Despite the fact that our world is moving faster than ever, it is easy to continue in the same rut regarding recruitment and competence provision. This is because individual companies and recruiting managers only have so much time to familiarize themselves with how the rules of the game and trends in the labor market are changing. It could, for example, be about the role of social media in recruitment, how to reach out to specialists or what expectations a new generation of workers place on a potential employer. Doing what you've always done quickly leads to tunnel vision in the recruitment process. This increases the risk of wrong recruitment or that it is even not possible to attract any quality candidates. When an advertisement continues to be active for a long time, or is constantly recurring, it is easy to believe that no one is interested in the company as an employer.

Simplified works today as a strategic competence partner for several nationally and internationally recognized companies. Our goal is to be able to take a comprehensive approach to the recruitment strategy at both local and national level. With our experience and deep knowledge in recruitment and competence supply, we will challenge you to think in new ways, create strategies that elevate your employer brand and ensure that you get to meet the country's best candidates.

You lose control of the employer brand

Recruiting managers and companies often choose to cooperate with several recruitment and staffing companies. The justification is usually that in this way you can cover a larger part of the labor market in order to find the candidate with a capital K - or simply because that is the way you have always done it.

The truth is that multiple cooks rarely make a particularly good soup. Continuously working with different companies, either in a single recruitment event or from case to case, risks affecting your employer brand negatively. This is because recruitment companies may have different degrees of knowledge in how you want to be perceived as an employer. It can also mean that both the tone and design of the ads vary in quality. Different messages and profiles quickly become very confusing and do not give a uniform and professional impression.

As your competence partner, Simplified acts as the filter between you, the recruitment companies and the candidates. We always start by getting to know you as a company and employer, and what needs and challenges you face. By listening in and at the same time making our recommendations, we develop a profile and a message that go hand in hand with you as an employer and the person you are looking for. In contact with the recruitment company, we ensure that they understand the assignment and have access to the right material.

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